Judge to be appointed to lead historical institutional abuse redress scheme by Friday

A judge will be appointed to oversee the redress scheme for victims and survivors of historical institutional abuse in Northern Ireland by the end of the week.

David Sterling, head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service, met with victims and survivors yesterday to outline plans to set up the long-awaited redress scheme after the necessary legislation was fast-tracked through Westminster before its dissolution.

Mr Sterling said a president of the scheme will be named on Friday, and they will then proceed to establish the first panel, who will be assessing cases in the coming weeks.

The board will make initial payments of £10,000 to victims as soon as they are deemed eligible, followed by a full compensation payout after a more thorough assessment.

Gary Duffy of KRW Law, which represents some victims, said: “David Sterling’s promise of acknowledgement payments, made on an accelerated basis, will come as great relief to victims who have fought for nearly a decade for acknowledgement and redress. At last, up to 5,000 victims and survivors will see light at the end of the tunnel.”

Claire McKeegan of Phoenix Law, who also represents victims, told the Belfast Telegraph: “Today I felt there were the first movements of some positive soundings.

“It is clear that the legislation having been passed and the outcome of the Court of Appeal judgment has resulted in a flurry of activity, which would have been welcome a long time ago.”

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