Belfast Brexit lawyers attend proceedings in London

Two Northern Ireland lawyers acting for victims’ campaigner Raymond McCord in his challenge to the Brexit process in the High Court in Belfast yesterday performed a watching brief in the separate Brexit cases currently underway in London.

Solicitor Ciaran O’Hare of McIvor Farrell Solicitors and barrister Conan Fegan BL were in the High Court in London yesterday for the English challenges to the Article 50 process.

Their appearance in yesterday’s proceedings were announced by Lord Pannick QC, lead counsel in the matter of Gina Miller.

Lord Pannick QC advised the court of the current position in relation to Mr McCord’s case, in that Mr Justice Maguire presided over a 3 day hearing last week and judgment has been reserved. The court in London welcomed this update on the Northern Irish position.

Lord Pannick QC yesterday argued on behalf of his client that only Parliament has the power invoke Article 50.

Mr O’Hare said he welcomed the submissions on behalf of Gina Miller, as similar points have been made in Mr McCord’s application in Belfast and therefore the submissions support Mr McCord’s case.

He also said Mr McCord’s case goes further in arguing that Northern Ireland has a “veto” based on the contention that the people of Northern Ireland alone are sovereign in relation to any constitutional change for Northern Ireland.

The proceedings in London will recommence on Monday and Tuesday.

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