Barrister Nicole Lappin appointed head of Charity Commission for Northern Ireland

Nicole Lappin
Nicole Lappin

Barrister Nicole Lappin has been appointed as the chief commissioner to the Board of the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.

Mrs Lappin, who is qualified to practise north and south of the border, will hold the post for a five-year term ending 31 July 2024.

She is presently the chair of the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service and Social Care Trust and has previously served on a number of boards, including that of the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunal Service (NICTS).

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland was established as the statutory regulator of charities operating in Northern Ireland under the Charities (Northern Ireland) Act 2008.

Its main functions are to keep a public register of charities; encourage, facilitate and monitor compliance with charity law; determine charity status; identify and investigate misconduct in charity administration; and take remedial or protective action as necessary.

The commission is comprised of a chief commissioner, a deputy chief commissioner and five commissioners.

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