And finally… the onanist defence

A man caught hiding bullets in his home told suspicious gardaí he was out of breath and sweating when they arrived because he had been “having a wank”.

Gardaí, who suspected he was attempting to flee or to hide something, said they did not accept his explanation.

Glen Synott, 23, later pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to possession of firearm ammunition under suspicious circumstances and was given a suspended five-year sentence under strict conditions.

Garda Christopher Sweeney told the court he obtained a search warrant for the house Mr Synott shares with his mother. When he entered, he saw Mr Synott in the hallway, out of breath and sweating heavily.

A black sock containing four 9mm Makarov calibre rounds was subsequently found underneath the decking in the back garden and, when questioned, Mr Synott admitted he had hidden the sock there.

Mr Synott was arrested and told interviewing gardaí he had been asked to hold on to the bullets due to a drug debt of €200.

Brian Storan BL, defending, told the court that when gardaí asked if he had anything further to add to his statement, Mr Synott explained he was sweaty when they entered because he had been “having a wank”.

Brion Hoban, CCC.nuacht

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