And finally… out of kilt-er

A bus driver who was sent home after turning up to work in a kilt did not suffer anti-Scottish discrimination, a court has ruled.

Bosses at Grand River Transit in Ontario, Canada sent Tracy Macdonnell home after he came to work on a casual Friday in a kilt in tribute to his heritage.

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario has now dismissed Mr Macdonnell’s claim that he suffered discrimination akin to a colleague being sent home for wearing a turban.

He had sought an order compelling his bosses to undergo sensitivity training, accept “cultural dress” at future casual Fridays, and pay him £14,600 to cover the kilt rental and compensation.

Adjudicator Josee Bouchard ruled that he had “not established that wearing a kilt, and more specifically wearing a kilt at work, is intricately linked to his ancestry”, the Toronto Sun reports.