And finally… loo-ser

A perennial toilet seat thief was caught after being captured on camera clutching his ceramic booty.

Johnny Madikana, 61, was arrested in connection with numerous hotel toilet seat thefts in August.

He was convicted of theft and given a three-month sentence, suspended for three years after he stole the seats from the Phoenix Hotel in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Hotel manager Antonella Gatya said several patrons identified him from security footage, local newspaper the Herald reports.

“The information we received, along with the CCTV footage, was shared with the police and they were able to arrest the culprit, and now he has faced the might of the law.

“It has been such a strange series of thefts, but we are glad the guilty party was caught,” Gatya said.

“Hopefully now all the so-called toilet humour from our patrons can come to an end,” added Gatya.

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