Undercover reporter’s footage admitted as evidence

Undercover reporter's footage admitted as evidence

Video footage filmed covertly by an undercover reporter can be used as evidence in the trial of six Health Service Executive (HSE) workers, a judge has ruled.

Judge Mary Devins at Swinford District Court took submissions last Monday on the admissibility of the hidden camera footage, which was challenged by defence lawyers.

The footage allegedly shows residents at the Arás Attracta nursing home being assaulted by members of staff, and is central to the prosecution case.

Vincent Deanue, state solicitor for County Mayo, argued that the footage was obtained legally and constitutionally.

Judge Devins yesterday ruled that the footage is admissible, saying that the use of the hidden camera was not unreasonable in the circumstances.

However, she said the footage “will be subject to commensurate, rigorous, forensic examination no doubt by the defence and certainly by the judge in the course of the trial”.

The cases against the six workers will come up for mention on 13 November.

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