UK government to compensate falsely convicted subpostmasters

UK government to compensate falsely convicted subpostmasters

The UK government will compensate former Post Office workers who were wrongly convicted of theft in the Horizon saga.

The disgraced Post Office said it is unable to cover the payments for the exonerated individuals.

As the only shareholder of the Post Office, the government has confirmed it will pay. Seventy-two postmasters’ convictions have been quashed while a number of other cases are in progress.

Postal affairs minister Paul Scully said: “We want to see these postmasters with quashed convictions compensated fairly and swiftly.

“I am pleased to confirm that today the government is making funding available to facilitate Post Office to make final compensation payments to postmasters whose convictions have been overturned.

“By providing this funding, government is helping Post Office deliver the fair compensation postmasters deserve.”

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