Socio-Economic Status and Equality Law

Socio-Economic Status and Equality Law

Lunchtime Webinars (1:00pm – 2:00pm) weekly throughout June

8 June 2021: Socio-Economic Status and Equality Law


  • Dr. Fiona Donson (UCC)


  • Paul McKeon (Inner City Activist)
  • Tamás Kádár (Equinet)
  • Siobhán Phelan SC (Law Library)

There has been a renewed focus on the question of whether Irish equality law should prohibit discrimination on the basis of socio-economic status. In addition to calls from international human rights bodies for the introduction of such a measure, two Private Members’ Bills have been introduced to the Oireachtas for this express purpose. The Programme for Government, contains a commitment to “examine the introduction of a new ground of discrimination, based on socio-economic disadvantaged status to the Employment Equality and Equal Status Acts”.

This seminar, the second in our series, will explore the rationale for the introduction of a socio-economic ground and the international experience of socio-economic grounds in anti-discrimination law. The seminar will also examine the two Bills aimed at prohibiting socio-economic discrimination.

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