Report urges Government to protect enforceability of UK court judgments in EU

Miles Celic, chief executive of TheCityUK
Miles Celic, chief executive of TheCityUK

The UK government must clearly and urgently articulate how it will ensure the widespread enforceability of UK court judgments in EU member states after Brexit, a new report argues.

The impact of Brexit on the UK-based legal services sector, published by TheCityUK, stresses the importance of the English courts remaining a hub for global businesses seeking to resolve international commercial disputes.

It said London’s role as the leading international centre for dispute resolution - and the UK legal services sector as a whole - would be undermined if judgments cannot be enforced in the EU.

The report also argues that firms should be allowed to continue to access legal talent and skills on similar terms as they do now under the current unique set of lawyer-specific directives.

Miles Celic, chief executive of TheCityUK, said: “The UK-based legal services sector is the leading global centre for the provision of international legal services and dispute resolution.

“The sector’s contribution to the UK economy was around £25.7bn in 2015, 1.6 per cent of total UK GDP, and it employs 370,000 people across the country, around two-thirds of whom are outside of London.

“It is vital that the key challenges and opportunities for the sector are addressed in the Brexit negotiations and that its competitiveness is maintained and enhanced.

“The sector is working on these issues and providing that insight into Government, allowing Ministers to draw on the UK’s unique reserve of world-leading legal expertise.

“The best Brexit deal will be one which is mutually beneficial to the UK, the EU and globally and which allows for a clear and predictable shift from current business conditions to whatever new arrangement is agreed.”

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