Report recommends ban on car sales for people with unpaid motor fines

People with outstanding fines related to road traffic offences should not be able to buy or sell vehicles or pay motor tax until settling them, the Law Reform Commission (LRC) has recommended.

A new report recommends that the Department of Transport and the Department of the Environment should refuse to accept tax payments or register a change of vehicle ownership for someone who has failed to pay a fine.

It also said unimplemented provisions of the Road Traffic Act 2010 which allow for payment of the charge upon the service of a summons should be put into practice.

Around 178,000 summonses were issued in 2011-12 for unpaid fixed charge fines.

The commission also suggested that those accused of minor offences should be able to plead guilty without attending court in order to free up time and resources.

Transport Minister Paschal Donohoe has previously said he wants to overhaul the legal framework governing road traffic safety in Ireland by consolidating primary and secondary legislation.

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