Proposed law to ban advertising of alcohol near Irish schools and public transport

Health Minister Leo Varadkar
Health Minister Leo Varadkar

Health Minister Leo Varadkar will today publish draft legislation to ban the advertising of alcohol products near schools, playgrounds and public transport in Ireland.

Under the proposed Public Health (Alcohol) Bill, the advertising, sponsorship and marketing of alcohol products in these locations will become a criminal offence.

The wide-ranging bill aims to crack down on binge drinking in Ireland.

The bill will also prohibit the “glamorising” of alcohol, or making it appealing to children, while advertisements would be required to carry warnings about the harmful effects of alcohol consumption in general and during pregnancy.

It is also proposed that a 9pm broadcasting watershed will be put in place for TV advertisements.

Other provisions of the bill introduce minimum alcohol pricing of around €2 for a can of beer. It is believed these provisions could face a legal challenge from the drinks industry, as seen in Scotland.

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