Poland: Chief Justice accuses government of coup d’état against judiciary

Poland: Chief Justice accuses government of coup d'état against judiciary

The head of the Polish judiciary has published an open letter accusing the government of launching a “coup d’état” against judges.

Malgorzata Gersdorf, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, made her comments after the ruling conservative government passed reforms critics said would threaten the rule of law in the country.

The EU had already given Poland three months to address concerns after it launched disciplinary measures against the country over its judicial reforms.

The judge states: “The coup d’état against the structure of one of the most important state institutions is taking place - not with armed force or paramilitary troops but by misusing legal institutions.

“I warn the government: do not break the social contract written in the form of the constitution. You are walking carelessly along the abyss into which the whole nation may finally fall down.”

Last July, the Association of Judges of Ireland (AJI) said it was “gravely concerned by the events and actions” in Poland.

The AJI added that it “wishes to emphasise that in order to maintain and enhance that trust between judicial authorities in the European Union which is necessary as the basis for mutual recognition, it is essential that the independence of the judiciary be maintained”.

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