‘No current plans’ to close courthouses over coronavirus fears

'No current plans' to close courthouses over coronavirus fears

The Courts Service of Ireland has said it has “no current plans to cancel court sittings” because of coronavirus, but is keeping contingency plans under constant review.

Additional sanitisation of public offices and courtrooms has been arranged and hygiene supplies for public offices and hand sanitisers for public areas are currently being installed.

A contingency planning group has been established to review its plans to “meet the challenges caused by the arrival of COVID-19 in Ireland”, a spokesperson for the service said yesterday.

Business continuity plans for courthouses and buildings are being updated and reviewed and will be monitored on an ongoing basis. Official HSE guidance has issued to staff “and is being followed”, the service said.

Communications plans are in place for judges, staff and court users for use in the event of any changes to schedules or cancellations.

In case courthouse closures do become necessary, the Courts Service is developing “an extensive ICT contingency plan” and is examining “the issues associated with closing services”.

Managers are holding staff meetings to discuss and update information.

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