New association brings together Irish lawyers in England

New association brings together Irish lawyers in England

Tamlin Bolton

A new Association of Irish Lawyers in England (AILIE) has been established to bring together lawyers from Ireland who now live and practice in England.

While a similar association exists in London, AILIE aims to connect those working in law firms in cities like Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle.

Membership is open to anyone from Ireland, north or south, or with a close connection to Ireland.

Co-founder Tamlin Bolton told the English Law Society Gazette: “We feel this sense of missing home and needing to find elements of it here to not feel like we were missing out.

“It is important to us that people coming here to work or study in the legal profession have that connection to home and that we don’t lose touch with our culture and heritage.”

She added: “A lot of us will also have faced those lingering elements of societal prejudice and the feeling you don’t quite fit in or are not full accepted. This is the chance to talk a little bit of law but also to come together and share a little bit of home away from home.”

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