McCann FitzGerald invests in generative AI partnership

McCann FitzGerald invests in generative AI partnership

Pictured (L–R): Stephen Holst, Paula Fearon, Josh Hogan and Noel Carroll

McCann FitzGerald LLP has announced a new partnership with Harvey AI, a global generative artificial intelligence solution designed specifically for the legal profession.

Harvey AI is built on natural language processing, machine learning and data analytics to augment and enhance various aspects of legal work. Harvey AI was selected by McCann FitzGerald LLP following an extensive review, where a specialist team examined both the opportunities and limitations of generative AI, including risk assessments and potential use cases. The team will remain in place to examine what further potential generative AI can offer in providing enhanced services to clients and to oversee best practices in the technology’s use.

Commenting on the partnership, Stephen Holst, managing partner, McCann FitzGerald LLP said: “As a firm we have always been advanced in the use of AI in legal practice such as in discovery, investigations and due diligence. The evolution of generative AI is seen as a likely game-changer in the legal profession.”

He added: “We see huge potential for robust AI technologies to support our work in delivering more for our clients and affording greater efficiencies for our people in how they work. Our partnership with Harvey AI and the investment we are making into the possibilities of generative AI enables us to remain at the forefront of modern legal practice whilst all the time ensuring that the necessary guard-rails are in place.”

Winston Weinberg, CEO of Harvey AI, said: “We are thrilled to partner with McCann FitzGerald, a firm that has consistently demonstrated its innovative spirit and commitment to excellence in the legal field. Their early adoption of generative AI in Ireland reflects a shared vision for transforming the practice of law with cutting-edge technology and is a testament to their forward-thinking approach.”

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