Matheson to highlight value of tech innovations to law firms

Matheson to highlight value of tech innovations to law firms

Matheson yesterday began promoting the power of technology to transform legal firm operations as part of its “Smart Week” initiative.

The Dublin-based firm will later convene a Tech Forum where guest speakers from Microsoft, Airbnb and Daqri will make keynote addresses on business innovation and participate in panel discussions.

It reflects the firm’s emphasis on technology, with Matheson the first Dublin law firm to establish an IT Law Practice Group and the first Irish law firm to establish a presence in the USA’s famous Silicon Valley.

Rebecca Ryan, partner at Matheson, said the adoption of new software and innovation tools is essential for law firms to remain competitive in the future.

Ms Ryan said: “Today’s digital age generates a huge amount of data. Processing it, and turning it into useful information to build a case, can use up a significant amount of resources, particularly time.

“Thankfully, there are a number of tools that lawyers can use to make this process much more efficient, boost their overall productivity in the process, and deliver better results for clients.

“Matheson recognises the importance of keeping pace with the rapid forward march of technology. This Smart Week, we want to highlight the most powerful innovations in the industry and the experts pioneering their use and integration into organisation operations.”

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