Matheson leadership event hears from Minister Coveney and Lord Macpherson on Brexit

Pictured (l-r): Lord Nicholas Macpherson, former Secretary to the Treasury in the UK from 2005 to 2016; Simon Coveney TD, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade; Liz Grace, Partner, Matheson and Michael Jackson, Managing Partner, Matheson.

Ireland’s approach to Brexit reflects its maturity as a location of substance for international businesses operating in Europe, according to Michael Jackson, Managing Partner at Matheson.

He was speaking the latest Matheson Leadership Series of Brexit briefings this week which was addressed by Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Simon Coveney TD and Lord Nicholas Macpherson, former Secretary to the Treasury in the UK from 2005 to 2016.

Mr Jackson said: “At Matheson, we have made a very deliberate effort to facilitate an understanding and discussion of all of the nuances of Brexit and the business issues arising from Brexit. While other jurisdictions have adopted a predatory approach to UK-based business, I believe that Ireland’s measured, partnership-based approach has reflected the maturity of Ireland as a location of substance for internationally-focused businesses.

“Freedom of access to markets and free movement of international talent are two of the key concerns which are raised by companies with which we interact. Ireland’s continued commitment to membership of the EU provides certainty in relation to these issues.

“Having the Irish Government, and indeed all principal Irish political parties, committing Ireland again to certainty in terms of legal, regulatory and taxation requirements has resulted in many international businesses identifying Ireland as a place which can play an important role in managing the disruption to their business models as a result of Brexit.”

Minister Coveney added: “The political and economic challenges that Brexit bring are many and varied and require a comprehensive and co-ordinated response by those within and without the political system.

“That is why I have commenced regular meetings of a Brexit Forum for interested stakeholders, continue to co-ordinate a whole of government response to the challenges and why I continue to engage with colleagues in the EU and in the UK to try and manage this process as constructively as we can. And that is why events like the Leadership Series hosted by Matheson are such a welcome contribution to this process.

“Bringing leaders of industry together and informed voices from both side of the Irish Sea to have an open and frank dialogue can only help improve all our comprehension of the threats, but hopefully opportunities as well, that Brexit presents.”

Commenting on the issues involved, Lord Macpherson said: “Brexit has huge implications for the UK and Ireland. There is still considerable uncertainty about the ultimate destination, and how the UK will get from here to there. Brexit is going to happen and so it’s more important than ever that the EU, Ireland and UK work together to minimise the potential damage to trade and living standards.”

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