Matheson: Ireland-US trade relationship ‘will grow stronger’

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

The trade relationship between Ireland and the United States is a “substantive one … with opportunities for both sides”, the managing partner of Matheson has said.

Michael Jackson spoke to an audience of 250 members of the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland at their annual Cork lunch today.

Matheson has a substantial presence in the US, with offices in New York, Palo Alto, and a recently-opened office in San Francisco.

Mr Jackson told today’s lunch event: “Notwithstanding global uncertainty around trade policy and US tax reform as well as the challenges around Brexit, we see the Irish-US relationship growing stronger, and Ireland becoming an even more important gateway to EU markets for US companies.

“Ireland has a history of providing legal and regulatory certainty, tax certainty, access to European markets and substance, in a global market where all of these factors are essential for international business to grow and thrive. Ireland is and will remain a committed member of the European Union, the largest global trading block, and Ireland is committed to its 12.5 per cent corporation tax rate.

“We believe that many US companies seeking to navigate access to the EU market post Brexit will see an even greater role for Ireland and that the current substantial numbers of people employed in Ireland by US companies will ultimately increase.

“We also believe that we will see an increase in the number of Irish companies operating and employing substantial numbers in the United States. It is often forgotten that there are currently 700 Irish companies employing over 80,000 people in the US.

“Those numbers confirm that the US-Irish trade relationship is a substantive one based on free trade with opportunities for both sides. Free, fair and open trade based on substance and shared opportunity offers a credible, sustainable path to long term growth and prosperity.

“As the law firm of choice for internationally-focused companies and financial institutions doing business in and from Ireland, and having recently opened an office in San Francisco, our third US office, Matheson is proud to work with the American Chamber of Commerce and to support the Chamber’s Annual Cork Business Lunch.”

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