Major online conference on COVID-19 and economy featuring eminent speakers this Friday

Major online conference on COVID-19 and economy featuring eminent speakers this Friday

A number of eminent figures are set to speak at a conference on the current crisis and the global economy.

The full-day webinar hosted by the Corporate and Financial Law Research Group of the University of Glasgow and Edinburgh Law School will explore the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy.

The global pandemic has prompted a series of unprecedented interventions by governments and regulatory agencies around the world. In the medium term COVID-19 might prove the watershed moment of this decade and beyond in a number of contexts.

These include a re-orientation of economic and monetary policy, the future shape of financial markets, debt sustainability and preservation of financial stability, and the development of corporate governance norms to serve social growth and the green economy.

This full-day webinar will examine what these changes might bring. It will specifically focus on the COVID-19 response in Europe (encompassing the eurozone, rest of the EU, and the UK). Eminent speakers and leading experts will consider the economic and legal aspects of the pandemic response, how these challenge today’s dominant paradigms in law and the economy, and their implications for the future.

Does the global pandemic signal a paradigm shift in law and the economy? will feature a roster of top speakers including:

  • Sir Anton Muscatelli, principal and vice-chancellor of the University of Glasgow
  • Peter Mathieson, principal and vice chancellor, University of Edinburgh
  • Iain MacNeil, Alexander Stone chair of commercial law, University of Glasgow
  • Emilios Avgouleas, chair in international banking law and finance, University of Edinburgh
  • John Tsoukalas, head of economics, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow
  • Sir William Blair, professor of banking law & ethics, Queen Mary University of London & 3 Verulam Buildings London and former president of the Commercial Court, England & Wales
  • Charles Goodhart, Norman Sosnow professor emeritus, London School of Economics
  • Rosa Lastra, Sir John Lubbock chair in banking law, Centre for Commercial Law Studies Queen Mary University of London
  • Paul de Grauwe, John Paulson professor in European political economy, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, chairman of Société Générale
  • Stefano Micossi, professor, SEP, Luiss GuidoCarli director general of Assonime
  • Lee Buchheit, professor (Honorary), University of Edinburgh; visiting professor, Centre for Commercial Law Studies (London)
  • Charles Nolan, Bonar MacFie chair in economics, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow
  • John Kay, economist and author, Fellow of St John’s College, Oxford
  • Ida Levine, board director and policy and regulation lead, Impact Investing Institute
  • Colin Mayer, Peter Moores professor of management studies, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
  • Nicolas Véron, senior fellow, Bruegel and Peterson Institute for International Economics
  • Irene-marié Esser, professor of corporate law and governance, School of Law, University of Glasgow
  • Roger Barker, Institute of Directors
  • Blanaid Clarke, McCann FitzGerald chair in Corporate Law, Trinity College Dublin

For speaker bios and short summaries of the presentations see here.

Register for the event here.

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