Legal experts join call for all-island Citizens’ Assembly on constitutional change

Legal experts join call for all-island Citizens' Assembly on constitutional change

Niall Murphy

A group led by Belfast solicitor Niall Murphy has called on the Irish government to establish an all-island Citizens’ Assembly on constitutional change.

A delegation from Mr Murphy’s group, Ireland’s Future, met with Taoiseach Micheál Martin yesterday to urge him to prepare for constitutional change on the island.

Speaking afterwards, Mr Murphy said: “The requirement for planning and preparation and specifically for the establishment of an all-island Citizens’ Assembly is something the Taoiseach must implement as a matter of urgency.

“We outlined to the Taoiseach that there is a significant section of the population in the north that support re-entry to the EU via a unity referendum. The voices of these people must be heard and respected.

“We also made clear that we are living in a time when leading unionist political figures are saying unionism must prepare, he too must prepare the Irish people and nation for potential constitutional change.”

Professor Colin Harvey, an expert in human rights law at Queen’s University Belfast, was also part of the delegation meeting Mr Martin via Zoom, alongside figures from civic society.

Ireland’s Future, of which Mr Murphy is secretary, aims to promote “discussion and debate about a new constitutional vision for our island – human rights, equality, mutual respect”.

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