Lawyer forced to withdraw ‘no comment’ face masks

Lawyer forced to withdraw 'no comment' face masks

An Irish lawyer was forced to withdraw face masks with the words “no comment” emblazoned on them after being warned they could fall foul of advertising regulations.

The Law Society wrote to Ciarán Mulholland in 2020, early in the Covid-19 pandemic, following a complaint made by a fellow solicitor, The Irish Times reports.

The complaint was submitted after the Dundalk-based criminal solicitor’s firm shared photos of the custom-made masks on social media. Some read “no comment” while others featured a tricolour and read “faic le rá”.

Mr Mulholland was told that the post could be in breach of the Solicitors Advertising Regulations 2019, which were then in force, and could bring the profession into disrepute, according to the paper.

The matter was taken no further after he gave an undertaking not to produce any more masks and to remove the social media post.

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