Law Society publishes guidance for solicitors in garda interviews

Simon Murphy
Law Society president Simon Murphy

The Law Society of Ireland has published guidance for solicitors when providing legal services in Garda stations.

The 20-page document notes that providing legal services during garda interviews, which was first permitted on 7 May 2014, presents “unique challenges for solicitors with complex legal issues to be navigated quickly, the potential for hostility and the need to be conscious that clients might be especially vulnerable people”.

It states that the guidance is intended to become “an essential reference document for every solicitor when they provide legal services in garda stations”.

Law Society president Simon Murphy, writing in the document’s introduction, acknowledged the critical input of the Law Society Criminal Law Committee, which offered first-hand experience from solicitors attending garda station interviews.

The Law Society says it will continue to monitor this area of practice and assist practitioners when attending garda station interviews.

The guidance will remain under frequent review and will be revised as required.

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