Law Reform Commission calls for amended legislation to be made more accessible online

Law Reform Commission calls for amended legislation to be made more accessible online

Amended legislation needs to be made more easily available online, according to a report by the Law Reform Commission.

The report on Accessibility of Legislation in the Digital Age, which was published today, has set out a number of recommendations as to how legislation can be made available online in a more easily accessible way.

The report sets out that, especially where legislation has been amended a number of times, it becomes difficult to find the as-amended legislation.

The report mentions previous efforts to consolidate Acts and recommends further methods to improve accessibility to make legislation.

It suggests there should be planned programmes of consolidation of Acts, which should be organised over defined time periods of five years and overseen by a proposed group, the Accessibility and Consolidation of Legislation Group.

It recommends that the online version of legislation on the electronic Irish Statute Book should be given presumptive official status provided that the online version is accompanied by a qualified electronic signature that complies with EU regulations.

The report also sets out the areas the Law Reform Commission believes should be included in the first planned programme of consolidations. They are: road traffic legislation; employment legislation; gambling control legislation; sale of alcohol legislation; monuments and archaeological heritage legislation; consumer protection legislation; and landlord and tenant legislation.

The proposed group should also prepare and publish guidance on legislative policy standards.

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