Killarney District Court to reject cash contributions to poor box

Cash will not be accepted in contributions to the poor box in Killarney District Court this year, a judge presiding over the district has said.

Judge James O’Connor has announced that offenders who are ordered to make contributions will now have to use a cheque or postal order, The Irish Times reports.

The judge said it was unfair to force court clerks to count out cash during court sittings.

He also expressed his exasperation with delays to court proceedings caused by some solicitors and gardaĆ­.

Judge O’Connor said solicitors seeking adjournments for their clients would have their request turned down unless they applied for specific adjournment dates, in order to reduce the pressure on court clerks to search for court dates.

He also said gardaĆ­ would have to present completed warrants to the court as he was “sick and tired” of incomplete warrants being brought into court.

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