Justice committee to hear evidence on drug decriminalisation

Justice committee to hear evidence on drug decriminalisation

The Oireachtas justice committee will this afternoon hear evidence on alternatives to criminal sanctions for the possession of small amounts of illegal drugs for personal use.

The meeting in Committee Room 1 at 3pm will hear submissions from Dr Garrett McGovern of the Priority Medical Clinic, the Cannabis Risk Alliance, Patients for Safe Access, Dr Nuno Capaz and cannabis group Crainn.

James Lawless, chair of the committee, said: “This committee will use the engagement with stakeholders to examine and highlight whether the current system towards possession of drugs is counter-productive in terms of dissuading drug use.

“We will look at whether administrative sanctions, rather than criminal sanctions for possession of drugs would be more appropriate and cost effective; how other jurisdictions approach the possession of drugs for personal use and whether a health-focused approach to drug use would be a better alternative to the current approach.”

The meeting can be viewed live on Oireachtas TV.

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