Judge urges perjury charge against car crash claimants unless they leave Ireland

A judge of the Circuit Civil Court has said a mother and son who withdrew a €120,000 damages claim following an alleged car accident should be charged with perjury unless they leave the country.

Adam Majewski, 36, and Eugenia Markowska, 56, currently live in Poland but were living in London at the time of the alleged collision.

They each lodged a claim for €60,000 and said they had sustained injuries preventing them from working.

Mr Majewski’s sister, Sarah Victoria Williams, 38, a resident of England who was a passenger in the vehicle at the time, also made a claim for €60,000.

Their case was briefly adjourned after defence lawyers said they had evidence the two claimants had taken a claim for damages in another road traffic case in the UK.

After the adjournment, all three withdrew their claims.

Mr Justice Raymond Groarke, President of the Circuit Court, dismissed the case and awarded legal costs against the three.

He subsequently told the court: “There are enough rogues and gangsters in this country without importing some from the UK.

“If Adam Majewski and Eugenia Markowska were seen in Ireland within the next 24 hours, they should be arrested and charged with perjury.”

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