Irish courts see first-ever use of an intermediary

Child law solicitor Deirdre Burke
Child law solicitor Deirdre Burke

An intermediary has been used in Ireland’s courts for the first time, The Irish Times reports.

It was among a series of measures taken to guarantee the welfare of a 12-year-old boy involved in a child sex abuse case under Mr Justice Robert Eagar in Dublin Central Criminal Court.

The boy gave evidence via a video-link while an intermediary explained the court’s questions to him.

Responding to the development, child law solicitor Deirdre Burke told Irish Legal News: “As an advocate for children’s rights, I welcome the use of an intermediary in cases such as this, to ease the burden of child victims giving evidence, and to promote their overall welfare and wellbeing.

“The assistance of the intermediary avoids a complex court process compounding the damage to a child. This step in my view also accords with our obligations under the Constitution which now enshrines both children’s rights and the voice of the child into our law.”

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