Irish and NI solicitors make up 10 per cent of LawCare calls

Irish and NI solicitors make up 10 per cent of LawCare calls

Irish and Northern Ireland solicitors made up 10 per cent of calls to a helpline for legal practitioners last year.

LawCare received 907 calls from 496 lawyers and legal professionals from across Ireland and the UK last year, a slight increase on the 473 who called the helpline in 2014.

By far the most common issue callers reported was workplace stress, at 30 per cent of the calls. This was followed by depression (20 per cent), disciplinary issues (12 per cent), financial problems (5 per cent) and alcohol (4 per cent). Issues which made up the remaining 29 per cent included ethical issues, bullying or harassment, gambling addiction, career development problems and relationship issues.

The full breakdown of calls by jurisdiction is as follows:

• Solicitor (Northern Ireland) – 6 per cent

• Solicitor (Republic of Ireland) – 4 per cent

• Solicitor (England and Wales) – 57 per cent

• Barrister (England and Wales) – 19 per cent

• Solicitor (Scotland) – 7 per cent

• Chartered Legal Executive – 4 per cent

• Paralegal – 2 per cent

• Other (Barrister , Barrister , Barristers Clerk, Judge) – 1 per cent

LawCare provides free and confidential support and advice to all sectors of the legal profession, including staff and families, suffering problems such as stress, depression or addiction to alcohol or drugs.

The helpline is open 365 days a year on 0800 279 6888. A full and comprehensive website can be found at

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