Housing legislation does not satisfy children’s rights

Housing legislation does not satisfy children's rights

Ireland’s housing legislation “does not adequately consider the individual rights and welfare of children”, the Ombudsman for Children, Dr Niall Muldoon, has said.

It follows reports that 12 families were directed to Garda stations no Tuesday night because no emergency accommodation was available.

Dr Muldoon said: “Emergency accommodation is the option of last resort for families. B&Bs and hotels do not support normal family living and are not suitable for prolonged stays. However, they should be available to people in need, when they need them.

“The stress and trauma experienced by homeless families every day cannot be expressed, and for the young people with absolutely nowhere to stay earlier this week, it is not worth thinking about.”

He said it was necessary to hold a review into the measures in place to support homeless children and families.

He added: “Childhood is a short and precious time. The housing crisis is robbing this time from too many children. Housing policies and legislation must support the rights of our young people.”

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