Germany: Bundestag votes to legalise cannabis

Germany: Bundestag votes to legalise cannabis

Lawmakers in Germany have voted to approve the partial legalisation of cannabis.

The legislation advanced by the country’s ruling coalition was backed by 407 parliamentarians. 226 voted against the bill and only four abstained.

Supporters of the bill say it will enable responsible use of the drug as it calls for limited legal availability.

The German public, however, are divided over the measure, with a poll showing that about 47 per cent of favour legalisation and that 42 per cent reject it.

The country will join a number of European nations that have legalised the drug or decriminalised its usage.

The most tolerant laws in the EU are found in Malta, where adults can carry up to seven grams of cannabis and grow up to four plants at home. Smoking the drug in public, however, is illegal.

Luxembourg allows possession of the drug in public and cultivation of up to four plants.

In Spain, people can privately consume up to 100 grams of cannabis but it is still illegal to possess or consume it in public.

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