First 2019 volume of case reports published by Child Care Law Reporting Project

First 2019 volume of case reports published by Child Care Law Reporting Project

Dr Carol Coulter

The Child Care Law Reporting Project (CCLRP) has published its first volume of case reports for 2019, featuring 47 cases including six from the High Court and one from the Court of Appeal.

The issues raised in the cases include severe mental health issues among teenagers, the question of the appropriate jurisdiction to hear child protection cases and the particular problems of vulnerable and/or migrant parents.

The CCLRP has learned that, in some parts of the country, contested cases ready for hearing cannot be heard because of a shortage of district judges.

When the sitting judge has heavy lists of regular cases, he or she asks for the assistance of a moveable judge to hear contested cases that may be lengthy, and they are not always available when requested.

Speaking about the latest volume, Dr Carol Coulter, director of the CCLRP, said: “It is very concerning that so many young people have such severe mental health problems that they are being detained for therapeutic purposes. It is even more concerning that some of them have problems of such complexity that we cannot deal with them in this country, and the children are sent to therapeutic centres abroad, away from their families and communities.

“We are also seeing a growing number of very vulnerable mothers who need the assistance of guardians ad litem to speak for them in court and advise the court on their best interests. These guardians are normally appointed for children likely to go into care.”

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