EU wing of online dispute resolution service to launch in Dublin

Jo DeMars
Jo DeMars

The Dublin-based wing of a new online dispute resolution service will be officially launched today in a bid to provide dispute resolution services across the EU.

NetNeutrals EU will offer services across the continent following the launch of the European Commission’s online dispute resolution platform this week.

It is the first Ireland-based dispute resolution body connected to the EU platform.

Its service is free to consumers, while traders will pay a monthly or annual fee allowing them to direct their customers to the service when a dispute arises.

NetNeutrals has said it offers traders a more affordable alternative to going through the courts.

The dispute resolution body has been approved under the European Union (Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes) Regulations 2015, allowing it to settle disputes in the EU.

Jo DeMars, the US entrepreneur who launched the service in the US, told Irish Legal News that online dispute resolution “provides a viable alternative to the courts for low value claims”.

She added: “Every day people experience difficulties with the things or services they buy. Whether it’s a delayed flight, an online purchase that arrives broken or an over charge, problems happen.

“Sorting out disputes takes time, energy and a certain level of dedication. Online dispute resolution (ODR) offers a quick, fair system for settling complaints.

“NetNeutrals has been providing ODR for consumers and companies like eBay for more than ten years. We are delighted to bring our EU headquarters to Ireland and look forward to developing a scheme tailored to these needs.”

Ms DeMars told Irish Legal News that the service had chosen Dublin as its EU base because of “the readily available, highly educated and multilingual work force”.

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