District Court judge hits out at pressure to legalise cannabis

District Court judge hits out at pressure to legalise cannabis

A District Court judge has objected to any attempt to legalise cannabis in Ireland.

Judge Desmond Zaidan pointed out that some states, including the Netherlands, had actually tried to re-criminalise the drug.

He cited European Union research showing that 70 per cent of regular cannabis users had suffered permanent brain damage as a consequence of “smoking dope”.

Judge Zaidan cautioned that the legalisation of cannabis in Ireland would see the authorities endorsing the use of cannabis while condemning tobacco consumption.

He said that extreme liberalism has meant that smoking the drug is legal in some cafés in the Netherlands.

At Naas District Court he said that people use it to deal with stress but that “everyone has stress in their lives — don’t use it”.

Euronews reported that smoking cannabis in the streets of Amsterdam’s inner city will be prohibited soon in a move initiated by the city council. The city, famous for its leniency, has been facing issues due to the influx of drug tourists.

“Residents of the old town suffer a lot from mass tourism and drug abuse in the streets,” the council said in a statement. “Tourists also attract street dealers who in turn cause crime and insecurity.”

The council added that the atmosphere can often become “grim, especially at night”.

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