Court judgments to be handed down via email during coronavirus outbreak

Court judgments to be handed down via email during coronavirus outbreak

Written court judgments will be delivered by email instead of being handed down in court under new measures to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

In a statement this morning, the Courts Service of Ireland said the move had been agreed by the Chief Justice and the presidents of each court jurisdiction to “minimise the exposure of persons using the courts to unnecessary risk”.

Judgments will be sent electronically to the parties involved at a date and time notified in the legal diary.

A copy of judgments will be made available from the Courts Service website “as soon as possible” after delivery.

The Courts Service added: “The parties will be invited to communicate electronically with the Court on issues arising (if any) out of the judgment such as the precise form of order which requires to be made or questions concerning costs.

“If there are such issues and the parties do not agree in this regard concise written submissions should be filed electronically with the Office of the Court within 14 days of delivery subject to any other direction given in the judgment.

“Unless the interests of justice require an oral hearing to resolve such matters then any issues thereby arising will be dealt with remotely and any ruling which the Court is required to make will also be published on the website and will include a synopsis of the relevant submissions made, where appropriate.”

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