Court judgments televised live today in Irish first

Court judgments televised live today in Irish first

The Courts Service of Ireland today teamed up with RTÉ News to broadcast two Supreme Court judgments live for the first time.

It marks the first time any recording or transmitting of proceedings in an Irish court case has been permitted, and is part of a pilot project that could be developed further in future.

RTÉ broadcast live coverage of proceedings from inside the courtroom via small robotic cameras which fed images to a satellite van outside.

The first judgment related to an Irish man challenging his extradition to the US to face charges related to a mortgage fraud, while the second involved a man who sought compensation under the Residential Institutions Redress Act for harm he suffered as a very young child.

Speaking about the pilot, the Chief Justice of Ireland, Mr Justice Frank Clarke, said: “We are taking the step of televising the judgments of the Supreme Court, as a way of demystifying the courts process. We wish to allow people see how their highest court operates. This will help explain and create an understanding of the courts.

“This is a start, and following a test period, we will review the success of same with a view to expanding coverage in the new year.”

He added: “This might include televising the parties making their arguments in the Supreme Court.”

Jon Williams, managing director for RTÉ News, said: “It’s vital that justice is not just done, but is seen to be done. So we welcome the Chief Justice’s decision to allow RTÉ’s cameras into the Supreme Court - and hope it will enable the public to see the way justice is delivered in an even more open and transparent manner than at present.”

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