Citizenship Ceremonies herald 3,500 new Irish citizens

Citizenship Ceremonies herald 3,500 new Irish citizens

Around 3,500 new Irish citizens from over 120 countries were welcomed at three Citizenship Ceremonies in Co Kerry today.

The ceremonies were presided over by retired High Court judge Bryan McMahon and retired District Court judge Paddy McMahon.

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan and minister of state David Stanton congratulated them on their new citizenship.

Addressing the new citizens, Mr Flanagan (pictured) said: “On becoming Irish citizens you will have the same rights, the same duties and the same responsibilities as every other Irish citizen.

“We ask you, as we ask all our citizens, to participate actively in our communities, to be good citizens and to uphold the law.

“The possibilities opened up to you in Ireland today are almost limitless; perhaps one day you, or a child or grandchild of yours could be up here as Minister for Justice, or as Judge, or perhaps the President of Ireland.”

Today’s ceremony brings the total number of citizens to have received their Certificates of Naturalisation to over 86,000 across 131 ceremonies since Citizenship Ceremonies were first introduced in 2011.

If minors are included, who are not required to attend a ceremony, the total granted Irish citizenship since 2011 is over 119,000 people from 181 different countries.

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