Children’s court judge claims drugs contribute to ‘problems’

Children's court judge claims drugs contribute to 'problems'

A judge in Dublin Children’s Court has identified drug use as the greatest contributor to “problems” heard by the court, the Irish Examiner reports.

Judge John O’Connor made the remark while sentencing a 16-year-old first offender who pleaded guilty to possessing €200 worth of cannabis for sale or supply.

Michelle Finan, the boy’s solicitor, said he intended to supply the cannabis in order to pay off a drug debt which he had built up.

After receiving a pre-sentence probation report, Judge O’Connor said: “90 per cent of the problems I have in this court are caused by drugs, and cannabis is number one in relation to it.”

He noted that the boy had met the conditions of his probation and marked the facts as proven, but struck out the case in order to spare the boy a criminal conviction.

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