Age discrimination complaint against public body ends in settlement

Age discrimination complaint against public body ends in settlement

A complaint of indirect age discrimination against a State body has been settled after the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission supported the complainant to bring a case to the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC).

The alleged discrimination related to specific eligibility criteria that was required to be satisfied in order for the applicant to be considered for employment with a public body. The person alleged that the eligibility criteria was discriminatory on the grounds of age.

With assistance from the Commission, the person settled their claim on terms satisfactory to both parties, neither of whom have been named.

Chief commissioner Sinéad Gibney said: “The Commission is delighted to have provided legal assistance to challenge potentially discriminatory eligibility criteria for access to employment with a public body.

“It is imperative, in a fair and just society, that access to employment within our public sector is free from discrimination in all its forms.”

The person added: “I am grateful to the Commission and the solicitor and barrister they provided for taking on my complaint, representing me at the Workplace Relations Commission and advising me through the process in such a supportive, friendly and expert manner.

“I’m also grateful to the expert witnesses who went out of their way to put evidence before the Commission.

“I believe that this complaint will lead to an improvement in the way job applications of older workers are handled, when they seek to have their experience considered as equivalent to academic qualifications.”

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