Walkers and Business to Arts team up to teach photography to kids


Financial services law firm Walkers is teaming up with Business to Arts to set up a new photographer-in-residence programme in Dublin.

The programme, with support from the Docklands Arts Fund, will see a photographer work with Walkers staff and children from a local school and to develop their creativity and photographic skills.

The venture, beginning early next year, will mark the first time that a business in Ireland has engaged a photographer-in-residence programme with Business to Arts and Dublin City Council.

Garry Ferguson, managing partner at Walkers, said: “As a long term resident in the Docklands area, the Docklands Arts Fund had an instant appeal for Walkers and we are delighted to launch this programme under the Fund with the guidance and support of Business to Arts. The focus of this programme, photography, was chosen for its accessibility and broad appeal - everyone has access to a camera on their smart phones or other device. The aim of this programme over the next 3 years is to bring photography as art form into the daily routine of those living, working and attending school in the Docklands area.”

Andrew Hetherington, chief executive of Business to Arts, added: “We are thrilled to partner with Walkers on this new project as part of the Docklands Arts Fund. Promoting photography and interaction between artists and audiences allows people to develop and explore their creative skills. It also gives them the opportunity to delve into the world of photography through a structured programme with a Photographer-in-Residence. The residency builds on projects funded across a variety of schools and organisations in the area.”