Volume 19 of Hibernian Law Journal launched ‘virtually’

Riccardo Savona Siemens
Riccardo Savona Siemens

The latest volume of the Hibernian Law Journal has been launched “virtually” and is now available online via HeinOnline and Westlaw.

Volume 19 explores the past, present and future of law, covering a range of topics including the potential impact of big data analytics on the delivery of legal services in Ireland, the extent to which existing copyright law can accommodate AI “authored” works, and the fallout from the UK Supreme Court’s Brexit rulings.

The volume also includes a number of book reviews, together with the speeches delivered at the Journal’s annual lecture last November by Mr Justice John L Murray and Sir Paul Girvan.

T P Kennedy, director of education at the Law Society of Ireland and editorial advisor and founding member of the Journal, said: “Volume 19 is an excellent addition to the Hibernian Law Journal. The editorial board is to be commended for producing another great contribution to Irish legal scholarship.”

Riccardo Savona Siemens, editor-in-chief of the Journal, added: “On behalf of the editorial board, I am delighted to present Volume 19 of the Journal to the wider legal community. Great credit goes to the authors and everyone involved in bringing Volume 19 to fruition during what have been very challenging times for everyone.”

He added: “This Volume looks at that gap between lawyers ‘in practice’ and the study of the law, with the aim of inspiring legal dialogue by featuring contributions from academics, our colleagues at the Bar, practicing solicitors and trainee (including future trainee) solicitors.”

The editorial board has said it sincerely hopes that it will be possible to hold a future launch event to congratulate authors, thank supporters, celebrate readers, and award the prize for the best overall contribution to Volume 19 of the Journal.

Mr Savona Siemens concluded: “I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Law Society of Ireland and the great many supporters of the Journal, including our judge-in-residence Mr Justice Michael Twomey, our academic advisors, our benefactors drawn from the Inner Bar and our sponsor firms including Arthur Cox, Byrne Wallace, Dillon Eustace, Matheson, and McCann FitzGerald.”

It is possible to purchase physical copies of the Journal by emailing editor@hibernianlawjournal.com, and further information about the Journal, including how to apply for a position on next year’s editorial board or submit an article for consideration, can be found at www.hibernianlawjournal.com.

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