Solicitor to host one-day conference on psychoanalysis

Albert Llussà
Albert Llussà

A solicitor practising in asylum/refugee law and mental health law has organised a one-day conference on psychoanalysis.

Why Was Psychoanalysis Founded By An Emigrant? will take place in Dublin’s Marino Institute of Education on Saturday 9 December 2017 from 9am to 6pm.

Solicitor Albert Llussà of Daly Lynch Crowe & Morris Solicitors told Irish Legal News: “The conference is organised by an ad hoc psychoanalytical study group, which has taken the name New Seminars On Hysteria because it is currently studying the work of that same title by the renowned French psychoanalyst Dr Charles Melman.

“The group is made up of a number of practising psychoanalysts and professionals in the fields of education, mental health and the law.

“The conference will hear contributions from Dr Melman himself, as well as from other psychoanalysts from France, the UK and Ireland, which will explore questions such as the relationship between what is foreign and hysteria, and psychoanalysis and being a foreigner, among others.”