Penal reform group launches first of three annual reports on penal system

PIPSThe Irish Penal Reform Trust (IPRT) has launched the first in a series of three annual reports providing a comprehensive report on human rights and best practice in Ireland’s penal system.

IPRT has developed 35 standards against which Ireland’s penal system will be independently tracked, monitored and assessed on an annual basis.

The first report, Progress in the Penal System: A framework for penal reform, covers wide-ranging areas of penal policy including prison conditions, regimes, and access to education and services.

It identifies the current gaps in service provision and will allow for independent monitoring and progress tracking over the next three years. IPRT sought input from national and international on the different issues and areas covered in the report.

The PIPS project is intended to inform criminal justice stakeholders, politicians, media, the general public and international audiences and encourage constructive dialogue on the state of the Irish penal system.

Michelle Martyn, IPRT’s senior research and policy project manager, was centrally involved in the research and delivery of this publication, with the support of a Research Advisory Group.

The three-year annual flagship project is supported by The Community Foundation for Ireland.