Michaella McCollum lawyers launch action against Irish newspaper

Lawyers for Michaella McCollum, a 21-year-old woman recently freed from prison in Peru following a conviction for drug offences, are preparing to launch legal proceedings against an Irish newspaper.

In a statement, solicitor Kevin Winters of Belfast firm KRW Law alleged that Ms McCollum’s family was subjected to “harassment and intimidation” by two employees of an Irish daily newspaper.

He said her family have “asked that the media give them space and privacy to allow the next stages of the parole process to work through”.

The statement continues: “In stating this they recognize fully the public interest in the story of Michaela’s arrest imprisonment and release on parole.

They want to thank the media for the respectful and professional manner in which they have made approaches to speak with them.

“For the most part there have been no issues or difficulties save for one intimidating approach.

“On Sunday 3/4/16  2 members of staff from an Irish daily newspaper subjected the McCollum family including Michaela to harassment and intimidation as they tried to get into a taxi.

“We are instructed to issue legal proceedings against the newspaper in relation to the incident and a formal letter of claim will issue tomorrow.”