Mediators’ Institute in ‘celebratory mode’ as 25th anniversary coincides with Mediation Act


The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) celebrated its 25th anniversary and the passing of the Mediation Act at its 2017 AGM.

Sabine Walsh, president of the MII (pictured), addressed over 170 delegates at the annual event in the Radisson Blu hotel in Athlone.

Ms Walsh said: “The signing of the Mediation Bill by President Higgins last week has come at a great time to help transform the dispute resolution culture In Ireland. The Act will promote mediation as a viable, effective and efficient adjunct to court proceedings and should divert many family, civil, commercial and community disputes from our courts.

“The MII has been working tirelessly since its foundation 25 years ago to promote the use of and the professional practise of mediation. The enactment of the Mediation Bill provides a State endorsement for the practise of mediation. This in turn raises the status of mediation as an effective dispute resolution process and I expect we will see a significant rise in the demand for mediation among the Irish people.”

She thanked past presidents Geoffrey Corry, Karen Erwin, Polly Phillimore and Gerry Rooney for their contributions to the AGM.

Ms Walsh also welcomed the election of Margaret Considine as the MII’s president-elect, adding: “I know the Institute will be in great hands for the first few years of our next 25 years.”