Almost half of pre-legislative scrutiny recommendations taken on board

Just under half of recommendations made during pre-legislative scrutiny are taken on board by ministers, according to a new Oireachtas report.

The Library & Research Service (L&RS) commissioned Dr Shane Martin, professor of government at the University of Essex, to examine the impact of pre-legislative scrutiny on legislative and policy outcomes in the Dáil since 2011.

Dr Martin’s report found that committees made 467 unique recommendations over 50 cases of pre-legislative in the 31st Dail.

In the 31 cases where a Bill had subsequently been published, 146 of the 350 recommendations made were taken on board by the minister.

The pre-legislative scrutiny process was introduced tentatively in 2011, substantially in November 2013, and confirmed by the 32nd Dáil on the recommendation of the sub-committee on Dáil reform in 2016.