Defamation law

A&L Goodbody lobbied government on defamation reform

A&L Goodbody has directly lobbied government ministers for the removal of juries from defamation cases, according to reports.

Published 22 September 2020

Personal injury lawyer to sue SME group for defamation

A Limerick solicitor has launched defamation proceedings against the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association (ISME) over its comments about a personal injury case, according to reports.

Published 21 July 2020

Darryl Broderick: Court of Appeal slashes damages in 'offer of amends' defamation case

Ronan Daly Jermyn partner Darryl Broderick and trainee solicitor Therese Collins review a significant reduction in an award made by a jury to a plaintiff in High Court defamation proceedings where an “offer of amends” had been made.

Published 14 July 2020

Press regulators reissue call for defamation law reform

Ireland's defamation regime is having a detrimental impact on press freedom and the commercial viability of the press, the Press Council of Ireland and the Office of the Press Ombudsman have said.

Published 28 May 2020

High Court: State non-parties must make discovery in defamation case

The High Court has ordered that State non-parties must make discovery of documents to a defendant in a defamation suit.

Published 26 May 2020

Darryl Broderick: Little leeway for tardy Irish defamation claimants

Ronan Daly Jermyn partner Darryl Broderick and trainee solicitor Sinéad Harrington examine the Irish courts’ general reluctance to grant an extension of the one-year limitation period in defamation cases.

Published 4 May 2020

Defamation laws 'pose threat' to press freedom in Ireland

Ireland's defamation laws pose "a significant threat to press freedom", Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has said.

Published 22 April 2020

Court of Appeal: Ryanair’s defamation appeal dismissed

The Court of Appeal has dismissed Ryanair’s appeal in a defamation action taken against three pilots.

Published 21 April 2020

Man sues banks over failure to forward maintenance payments to ex for 12 years

A man claims he was defamed by two financial institutions over their alleged lengthy failure to forward maintenance payments in respect of his son to his former partner.

Published 22 January 2020

High Court: Man awarded €500 in defamation claim against Luas operators

A man who was ordered to get off the Luas despite having a valid ticket has been awarded €500 in the High Court.

Published 16 December 2019

Man awarded €500 over 'fleeting' defamation on Luas

A man has been awarded €500 in damages and legal costs over a "fleeting" incident of defamation on a Luas.

Published 13 December 2019

Scotland: New bill to set out statutory definition of a defamatory statement

The definition of what constitutes a defamatory statement is to be set out in Scots law for the first time under draft legislation published today.

Published 3 December 2019

Removal of juries and limit on damages needed to reform defamation cases, conference hears

The removal of juries, limitation of damages and more certainty in defamation cases have been raised as proposals to reform the Defamation Act 2009.

Published 15 November 2019

High Court: Coolmore Stud granted order striking out frivolous and vexatious defamation claim

Coolmore Stud has been granted an order striking out a defamation claim brought by a former employee who wrote a book about the famous thoroughbred farm after he retired in 2015.

Published 10 October 2019

Palestinian politician to continue Irish defamation action against Facebook

Lawyers for Palestinian politician Mohammed Dahlan have said he will continue his defamation action against Facebook in the High Court in Dublin.

Published 10 September 2019