Rethinking Justice: The First International Legal Psychological Conference

The main focus of this professional event is to examine the potential alternatives to custody for juvenile sexual offenders, currently before the courts, and individuals that were juveniles at the time of their historical offending behaviours.

  • National and international professional experts, will discuss the psychometric risk assessments that are currently available to psychologists and probation officers, the therapeutic treatments that are currently provided and the potential influence of childhood trauma experiences and pornography use on sexual offending behaviours.

  • A legal expert working within the justice system in Ireland, will present on the sentencing process.

  • A renowned economic and financial expert will outline the current financial cost to the state for custodial sentencing and a cost benefit analysis of the alternatives.

  • A former governor of Mountjoy prison and a retired Judge will discuss their views and individuals from many of the support organisations working with those found guilty of sexual offences will outline the current treatment approaches and support services that are available.

Please visit the website for more information and to register for attendance.

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