Victims of institutional abuse win permission for judicial review

Claire McKeegan
Claire McKeegan

The High Court has granted permission for judicial review to victims of institutional abuse in Northern Ireland, who are challenging the Northern Ireland Secretary and The Executive Office for failing to compensate them.

The final report of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry, published in January 2017, recommended the provision of financial redress to the victims of abuse.

Solicitor Claire McKeegan of Belfast firm KRW Law said: “Survivors and victims are being further distressed and re-traumatised by the inordinate delay and indefinite period of uncertainty regarding the implementation of a remedy for the abuses perpetrated on them.

“It is a further wrong perpetrated on these victims to require them to wait indefinitely for compensation and the care and assistance that they are entitled to and so greatly need. These individuals are entitled to a remedy for the abuse that they suffered.

“Since the campaign began many of our clients have sadly passed away without obtaining the redress that they so greatly need and deserve. Many of these individuals are elderly and infirm.”