Pardons for Irish suffragettes ‘merits consideration’

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan has signalled an openness to consider posthumous pardons for women convicted in Ireland in the course of campaigning for the right to vote.

He was pressed on the issue by Ruth Coppinger, Solidarity TD for Dublin West.

Under articles 13.6 and 13.9 of the Constitution, the President of Ireland can grant a pardon on the advice of the Government.

In a written Dáil answer, Mr Flanagan said the issue raised by Ms Coppinger “is one that I believe merits further consideration”.

However, he added: “Any process would have to take account of a range of factors, including the details of each individual case and the practical difficulties that might arise in assessing any such cases, given the passage of time and the lack of living witnesses.”